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January 2015

January 20, 9:30-4 pm: Oak Hill, 300 Curtner Avenue, San Jose, CA. Deborah will have an open Q and A session, followed by presentations on: Good Grief, Peace at Last and Dying Healed. Contact Karen Carter, 408-595-3333 for information.

January 21, 3-5:30 pm: Hospice of the Valley, 4850 Union Avenue, San Jose, CA 95724. Staff only.

January 22, 12:00-4 pm: VA Hospice Care Center, 3801 Miranda Avenue, 100-4A, Palo Alto, CA. 94303. Deborah presents: Vietnam: Untold Stories at the end-of-life, Peace at Last, and Dying Healed. Contact Sheila Kennedy, 650-849-0176.

February 2015

February 27: Bethlehem, PA. Annual Psychology and Spirituality Lectures.

March 2015

March 5 & 6: West Texas Conference on Aging, contact Lisa Jones, for more infomation.

March 10: Tidewell Hospice, Sarasota, Florida

March 17, 18 & 19: Lincoln, Nebraska.

March 24 & 25: Wellmont, Tennessee.


Book Circles: Consider Starting One

What do churches, civic groups, book clubs, community associations, and prisons have in common? They have used Deborah’s book, The Hero Within, Redeeming the Destiny We Were Born To Fulfill, as a guide for creating and achieving pervasive, personal peace. Deborah provides clear, practical, and meaningful perspectives based on the hospice care she provided to more than 10,000 dying people: “Everything I know about living, I learned from the dying.” These insights are shared in simple, powerful ways that not only provide insight, but tools for personal growth and healing:

-“I keep this book at my bedside now and reference it frequently.”

-“I wish I would have known about this book years ago. It would have saved me a lot of heartache.”

-“Sharing the concepts within a community was simply awesome.”

Sharing stories in a small community of trustworthy people, remind us that we belong to one another and that we can help each other. Stories connect us to each other and ourselves. Don’t miss this opportunity for new vistas that will awaken your interior hero. Contact us and we will help you start an 8-week Book Circle. Deborah will even join you via phone for one of them!


Education. Compelling workshops presented in unusual and engaging ways on intriguing topics: Aging, Personal Healing, Veteran issues, Self-Care, Chronic Illness, End-of-Life care, Spiritual Growth, PTSD, Forgiveness, Good Grief

Low-cost Retreats. 1,2,or 3-days in your city or ours (Tampa). Topics include: Personal Growth and Healing, Forgiveness, Aging.

Fallen Comrades Ceremonies. We will help your community organize, plan, and implement a ceremony for combat veterans which helps them lay down any burdens of unmourned grief or unforgiven guilt they may still be carrying. The gaping hole in our society from the aftermath of war can be healed!

Book Circles for Personal Growth.Utilizing the book, The Hero Within: Redeeming the Destiny We Were Born to Fulfill, we will help you grow small communities of people who want to cultivate pervasive personal peace.

Book Circles for Veterans. Utilizing the book, Peace at Last: Stories of Hope and Healing for Veterans and Their Families, you can become an agent of healing for our nation’s heroes by hosting a book circles for veterans and their families.

Free web-based Materials, Tools, Resources, and Blogs.

We offer these services with our Opus Peace prayer: Cultivate in me, oh God, the willingness to re-own and re-home scattered pieces of myself so that I might be restored to Your wholeness. Grow in me the honesty, humility, and courage to release my fears of who I am and who I am not. Fuel me with your Grace. Amen